North West Rafters Association Southern Oregon Non Profit Whitewater Rafting Club - Since 1982


2018 Annual NWRA Events

Join our whitewater rafting club for our annual whitewater rafting events.

April 27-29 Whistlers Bend Campout, Rafting with OWA and Dutch Oven Cookoff

May 12-13 Swift Water Rescue Class

June 1-3 Horseshoe Bend North Umpqua Campout and Dutch Oven Cookoff

July 1-6 Klamath River Campout Week Whitewater Rafting

August 18th King of the Rogue Festival - Gold Hill Whitewater Center

August 3-5 McKenzie River Campout




Sotar Rafts

Sawyer Oars

Orange Torpedo Trips
Whitewater Cowboys

Costal Stores

Sawyer Oars

Eddy News

Horseshoe Bend Camp Out and JUNE 2018 NWRA MEETING

Horseshoe Bend Campout
June 1-3

June Meeting will be held in
at SOTAR Boat Factory in Merlin Oregon

Friday, June 8th at 6:00 pm
724 Ort Lane, Merlin OR 97532
Agenda: Pizza & Pop, Factory Tour and repair demo

2018 NWRA Officers

Francesca Guyer President
Chris Cormack Vice President
Greg Robinson Secretary
Jody Bammann Treasurer
Ron Hilbert Communications, Newsletter & Webmaster