Canoe Instruction

Canoe Paddling Technique

Many people assume that canoeing is easy and lessons are unnecessary. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Many paddlers are denied a great deal of enjoyment simply because their skills are inadequate. Knowledge and skills are your tools for canoeing.

Flatwater (Lake) Paddling

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Instructing Students


Here are some old Canoe Clinic videos for flatwater paddling

The Uncalculated Risk

An American Red Cross 16mm film on river safety

We-No-Nah Canoe Clinic

Kurt Renner discusses marathon style of canoeing, switching sides. These skills are still practiced today. Choosing a paddle and outfitting a canoe for better comfort and control. Basic paddling skills for flatwater paddling. Captured from an old VHS tape.

We-No-Nah Canoe Factory Tour

In December of 1989 Ron Hilbert went to We-No-Nah Minnesota with Kurt Renner to the We-No-Nah Canoe Factory and videoed inner workings of how a fiberglass, kevlar canoe is built.