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• Each craft should have a Hull Identification Number. It will help you find the manufacturer and when it was made. The last two numbers of the serial number are the year of manufacture.

• Is the seller the original owner? If so, they can tell you the history of how it's been used. If not, that may remain a mystery. If it's an NRS boat, with a Hull Identification Number starting with "WSI," NRS may be able to tell you who bought it originally.

• An inflatable depends on a "skin" to hold the air. Closely examine the material; you don't want to see cracks, checking or badly faded areas; this is a sign of age and sun damage. You want it to be smooth and supple.

• Make sure the boat is holding air. With the owner's permission, use a spray bottle with soapy water to go over the chambers looking for leaks.

• Look at any patches to see if they're solid and have rounded edges. A loose patch or two isn't a deal killer, but it will require some maintenance work on your part.

• Check on D-ring patches, seam tape and handles. Worn, lose and missing items can be a sign of hard use.

• There'll be valves for inflating and deflating the chambers. Be aware that there are lots of valves out there and finding repair parts and valve adapters for them can be difficult.