Instructing Students

Kayak Class

"The goal of most instructors is to make students think highly of the instructor. The goal of the exceptional instructor is to make students think highly of themselves."

If there is one secret in handling people it is to generate an atmosphere in which others feel at ease and appreciated. Most people are not able to teach because they have glaring weaknesses in their human relationships with others, which is vital in managing people. That is because they don't knowhow to get along with people. [They don't knowhow to make people think highly of themselves] Instructors get work done through people, and teamwork is essential up and down the line. Human relations are likely to be strained when people have to be asked to do things which they had not planned themselves or which they had not been keen on doing. An instructor must know how to handle people if we are going to inspire or motivate them to do something that they did not plan themselves, and which they may not be keen on doing. Every instructor may have to do many things which go against the grain in handling people. There is less strain on human relations when such an unavoidable duties are done in a favorable human atmosphere.

The effective instructor must be able to originate or choose an effective idea; a better way of doing whatever, and you must concentrate on that idea until you see the end results. Every person your working with regardless of the results they are now coming up with; can be led into becoming a much more effective paddler or boater.

Make sure the suggestion you put out is going to help another person. Because whatever you put out is going to come back and visit upon you.

When people think highly of themselves they are looking at the results of their actions. They are favorable results, they are accomplishing something they are proud of. If we are going to have people think highly of themselves then, it's necessary that we give them a suggestion that they can act on that will come up with favorable results. Therefore the suggestion we give, we must give in such a way..... It must be a constructive suggestion. It must be a suggestion to cause them to do a better job at what they are doing.

Whenever you cause other people to come up with great results you will find that the natural law will return something of a favorable nature to you.

There is no right, and there is no wrong in paddling. It's just that some things work better than others. But every time you move that paddle it works.

The person you are teaching must have faith in you. Remember they are going to listen to you. The student must be tuned into your way of thinking or rapore. In order to influence the other person he must be willing to listen to you and believe in you.


Secondly the suggestion must have power behind it. And power comes with consecration. If you are concentrating intensely upon what you are saying and if you believe what you are saying then the suggestion will have more power that if it is given in a haphazard manner. The most peaceful people are the most powerful people, they are people who concentrate on the end results they are working toward.


  1. Ask questions and listen intently
  2. You must have a confident bearing (You will never get a suggestion across if you are nervous)
  3. Be very direct
  4. Be sincere
  5. Be friendly
  6. Get in the habit of good finding instead of fault finding
  7. Harness criticism
  8. Increase the other persons self esteem
  9. Call the individual by name often (When they her their name it makes them feel good)

If you are going to get the suggestion from you to your students. It is necessary that they are listening and not thinking. NEVER try to get a student to act on an idea you have originated if they are thinking. You can tell if a person is thinking or now. Give the suggestion whey they are listening. It is absolutely vital that you hold a picture on your mind of them acting on your suggestion; [See them doing what you ant them to do.]

To develop your ability to give suggestions that another person will accept. It is absolutely necessary that you practice. You will not become proficient in this overnight. If you fail the first few times don't feel bad, you are practicing.

Falling is a natural part of the learning process in learning how to walk, failing is the natural part of the learning process in practicing. It is only by the child getting up and trying again, that they will ever learn how to walk. It's only by practicing over and over again that you will ever master this art or skill.

You must prepare yourself mentally before the class. Know in advance what you are going to say. To give a class that will stick you must have it figured out in advance. And suggestions must be given when an individual or group is listening to you and they are not thinking.

  1. Have a very clear concise idea that you wish to see acted on.
  2. You must communicate your idea verbally. (intellectually) You must communicate your idea in writing; say on a chalk board. (physical) You must communicate your idea by gesture. (emotionally) Use all three whenever possible.
  3. If your suggestion is given verbally the suggestion must be given in an authortive tone of voice. (I don't mean in a bossy manner, I mean in a confident manner)
  4. The suggestion must be complete in its entirety. ( don't assume the other person knows about the subject or what you are thinking.)

Lord Chesterfield pointed out to his son; he said: "My son, cause other people to like themselves just a little bit better, and I will promise you this they will like you a whole lot more."