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North WEst Rafters Association

Press Release

May 15, 2014

North West Rafters Association
Contact: Stefanie Ferrara
Communications Director
email: roguevaleywhitewater@gmail.com
phhone: 541-890-2979

NWRA [North West Rafters Association] Launches New Educational Web Site

Join thousands of people visiting the new web site of NWRA to find educational information on whitewater rafting, kayaking and canoeing.

68,305 people visit the web site in the first year looking at 403,945 pages

You can find where to apply for a river permit, what the river flows are, camping manners, safety code, how to repair a raft, river courtesy, whitewater rafting videos, used gear for sale and much more...

The club's trips are listed, community projects and safety classes.

The rules are simple to join, be safe and have FUN exploring Oregon's and the North West wilderness rivers. See areas that very few people ever get to see on natures water trails. Go whitewater rafting with experienced people like yourself who enjoy the outdoors.

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