Canoeing, Kayaking & Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting allows you to explore places that would take days to hike to.


Paddle lakes and rivers, explore the outdoors in Oregon.


Inflatable Kayaks are a wonderful way to explore Oregon's Scenic Rivers.

River Running in Oregon and the West

covered Bridge McKenzie River Explore Oregon's rivers with Oregon's oldest whitewater rafting club North West Rafters Association. Join our group of experienced friendly rafters for exciting fun in the outdoors.
Rivers will remain unspoiled for future generations only if protected and cared for by those who use them today. It is important that we set high standards for ourselves and minimize our impact as much as possible. River running makes little impact on the environment. It is quiet, and non polluting. Except for the put-in, overnight campsites, and the take-out, whitewater rafters leave no trace. Thousands of river runners can use a river or lake and you can never tell they have been there. Good camping conduct is needed to keep our rivers clean and their value intact. You will discover an immense satisfactin in enjoying river running without depreciating the river in any way and leaving no lasting trace.


The Umpqua waters are sacred. Oregon's North Umpqua River is often shrouded by a fine gray fog that forms on its pools in the morning, then wafts through dense timber and creeps up the canyon walls. The water cuts a deliberate path around boulders and glides into rapids and riffles that shimmer in the sunlight. This ornate labyrinth is, from bank to bank, one of the prettiest stretches of river on earth.

These waters have history. The locals can point out the tree that Zane Grey's cook, Takaashi, climbed to yell out casting coordinates to the legendary author. These are the home waters to the North West Rafters Association's members, considered the best day trips in Oregon. Over the years countless dignitaries from President Hoover to the actor Clark Gable have come here. The North Umpqua is respected for the lessons it teaches in her rapids. You don't have to canoe, kayak or raft to appreciate these crystal clear waters where you can see every rock on the bottom. Just being here on its shores will change you….


There is a water temperature gauge and a new river flow gauge near River Forks Park in Roseburg.
Graph of  Temperature, water, degrees Celsius
USGS Water & Flow Information The water temperature is currently in the 60 degrees requiring a wetsuit or drysuit in case you swim.

Copeland Creek below Boulder Flat: USGS Water & Flow Information

Time to renew your 2021 membership

The permit is required on all boats 10' and over except motorboats and sailboats with valid registration decals. This is identical to the current requirement for non-motorized boats to carry the Aquatic Invasive Species Permit (AIS permit), and in this concept the Waterway Access Permit would replace the AIS permit for non-motorized boats. Permits are transferrable to other non-motorized boats and children under 14 do not need a permit. Revenues generated will be used to support boating facility grants for state, local governments, park organizations, and tribal governments for the acquisition of property, leases, or easements in order for the public to access waterways and construction and maintenance of boating access facilities. Funds are also be available for public bodies and non-profit entities to develop safety education courses and to purchase boating equipment to reduce barriers for underserved communities who wish to recreate on Oregon's waterways.

Our Mission
To provide recreational boating opportunities on rivers, promote boating & water safety education. We welcome everyone in the Northwest to join our Association. A majority of our members are from Southern Oregon. Rafters, Catarafters, Kayakers, Canoes, SUP's and any other whitewater craft are welcome to join us on our scheduled trips. We have many events scheduled for 2021 - check out the Trip Calendar for upcoming events.

Gold Hill Whitewater Center
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